PolyDissolve S2

PolyDissolve S2

PolyDissolve™ S2 is a dissolvable support for PC, ABS and ASA based filaments from Polymakers portfolio. It is specifically engineered to have a perfect interface with these materials while also displaying good solubility. We recommend that this material be used with the PolyBox™ to keep it at dry conditions (relative humidity of 15% or less) at all times to maintain the best printing results.

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    Complex Geometry - PolyDissolve™ 2 is a preferable solution when printing complex geometries, overhangs, internal cavities and complicated structures. It liberates you from support removal problems, and enables greater design freedom.

    Wide Material Support - PolyDissolve™ S2 displays an excellent surface adhesion with PC, ABS and ASA based materials which unlock new applications requiring more complex geometries.

    Heat Resistance - The heat resistance of PolyDissolve™ S2 allows it to be printed in the printing environment required to print PC, ABS or ASA (up to 80˚C chamber temperature), without collapsing.

    Soluble Supports - PolyDissolve™ S2 is a Polyacrylate support material that can be dissolved in warm alkaline water by using PolyDissolve™ S2 solute.

    Improved Surface Quality - Greatly improve the surface quality where supports interface with your prints when using PolyDissolve™ S2.

    Quality Control - Polymakers leading quality control process and rigorous in-house testing, ensure reliable printing and consistency across spools and batches.


    Print Settings Material Compatiability Notes
    Nozzle Temperature: 215˚C – 225˚C Printing Speed: 20mm/s – 40mm/s Bed Temperature: 25˚C – 60˚C Bed Surface: Glass with glue, blue tape Cooling Fan: ON Note: Based on 0.4 mm nozzle and Simplify 3D v.3.1. Printing conditions may vary with different printers and nozzle diameters PLA based material from Polymaker’s portfolio + + PETG based material from Polymaker’s portfolio + ABS based material from Polymaker’s portfolio – – PC based material from Polymaker’s portfolio – – PVB based material from Polymaker’s portfolio + + TPU based material from Polymaker’s portfolio + + Nylon based material from Polymaker’s portfolio + + _________________ + + support the model very well + generally support the model depending on its geometry – generally doesn’t support the model depending on its geometry – – do not support the model Drying Settings: 80˚C for 12h Other: It is highly recommended to use the PolyBox™ when printing with PolyDissolve™ S1 and to store it in the resealable bag. Technical Data Sheets: Contact us Safety Data S

    Dissolving Notes a) We recommend to remove the support that can be easily peeled off before submerging the model into warm alkaline water to speed up the process. b) After partially removing the support the model can be submerged in warm alkaline water (>70˚C) using PolyDissolve™ S2 solvent or Stratasys EcoWorks to dissolve away the rest of the support. This process can be sped up by agitating the water, using higher temperature (~90˚C) or regularly changing the water. The preferred method of disposal for PolyDissolve™ S2 depends on the local regulations. PolyDissolve™ S2 does not contain halogens or heavy metals. The pH usually drops under 10 after the dissolution of PolyDissolve™ S2, if not, mild acid can be used to drop the pH. It is suggested that you contact your local Sanitary Sewer (Wastewater) Authority to obtain the proper disposal method prior to discharging to the sewer.