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PolyBox Edition 2

PolyBox Edition 2

PolyBox™ Edition II is a filament storage box that allows you to store materials in their optimum printing environment while still being able to print with them. PolyBox™ Edition II can house up to two 1kg spools simultaneously or one 3kg spool and is compatible with both 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament diameters.

  • Information

    Protect your filament - The PolyBox™ Edition II provides the optimum printing environment for 3D Printing filaments. Humidity is maintained below 15% to increase filament life span and to ensure consistent mechanical properties from the start to the end of the spool.

    Easy Maintenance / Monitoring - The PolyBox™ Edition II includes a built in high precision thermo-hygrometer to allow the user to monitor the humidity and temperature inside the PolyBox™. Maintaining the PolyBox™ Edition II is simple with the included microwavable desiccant.

    Safe / Low Cost - The PolyBox™ Edition II is an incredibly safe and economical out of the box solution powered by a small LR44 battery. That means no power cables or expensive electricity costs.

    Multiple Materials - The PolyBox™ Edition II can print with up to two 1kg spools simultaneously, perfectly suited for spooling multiple printers, dual extrusion printing or for loading one 2kg / 3kg spool for longer prints.

    Compatibility - The PolyBox™ Edition II features six rubber exit holes, three installed in the base and three installed on the reversible transparent cover. With the PolyBox™ Edition II changing spools is as easy as ever. No matter how your printer feeds, the PolyBox™ Edition II is designed to suit your workspace.

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