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Ultimaker PVA 750g

Ultimaker PVA 750g

PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) is a water soluble support material for multi-extrusion 3D printing. With a good thermal stability, Ultimaker PVA is ideal for printing complex models that require supports for large overhangs, deep internal cavities, and intricate geometries. Designed for a seamless 3D printing experience, our PVA provides good adhesion to both PLA and Nylon. As a water soluble support material, Ultimaker PVA empowers engineers and designers to create highly detailed surfaces and complex moving mechanical parts in just one run. Coupled with the right build materials and our proven material profiles in Cura for Ultimaker 3, our PVA opens up a whole new world of opportunities for intricate designs and versatile applications.

  • Main Features

    • Thermal stability: Good thermal stability resulting in better degradation resistance compared to other PVA filaments
    • Moisture sensitivity: Less moisture sensitive than other PVA filaments
    • Superior adhesion: Great adhesion to both PLA and nylon
    • Safe dissolution: Safe dissolution in tap water (no harmful chemicals required)
    • Biodegradable: Biodegradable with no hazardous by-product
  • Removal Guide

    • Submerge: Put your 3D print in cold or warm water depending on the build material
    • Rinse: After PVA supports are dissolved, rinse the 3D print to remove any excess PVA solution
    • Dry: Let the 3D print dry and apply additional post processing to the build material if necessary
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